Meet Melinda...

M elinda’s journey into fashion was never planned. Her love of languages led her to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Linguistics. By the end of it, feeling unfulfilled by academia Melinda began realising that she enjoyed - and always had- the various aspects of fashion design.
A move to Brisbane ensued and Melinda begun studying and excelling at Moreton Institute of TAFE. She fuelled her thirst for industry knowledge by working at fashion houses Easton Pearson and Bora couture whilst there.
Melinda’s career over the past decade has seen her sew and develop patterns for local and international labels, and to France working for Marithé + Francois Girbaud. She has evolved her practice to now create her own couture pieces – gowns that use luxurious natural fabrics and that are deeply inspired by the beauty of her natural environment.
At the heart of it, Melinda intends to show her respect and love for our earth and all that share it. This involves regularly searching for more natural and sustainable materials, working to increasing sustainability in her workplace and donating to Rainforest Rescue Most importantly, it means working closely with you to create garments that express your physical and inner beauty; gowns that you feel beautiful, confident and free in.


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